We have listened to your feedback and created a better version of our popular Wireless Wire Dish. It is the Wireless Wire nRAY, the best 60 GHz point-to-point link solution that you can set up easily and securely. It is a kit of two devices that connect wirelessly with AES encryption.

It can reach up to 1500 meters and fiber-like speed and has a stronger and smaller structure. We have designed it to work well in snowy areas – it won’t get covered by snow and lose signal. It also won’t attract much attention because of its size and shape. You can use the fine-tuned adjustment screws to align it perfectly.

The 60 GHz frequency is free from wireless interference, so you can enjoy a smooth connection even in a busy city. It has a powerful arm64 dual-core CPU that runs at 1 GHz and ensures fast throughput for all packet sizes. The devices are preconfigured to connect automatically, just point them at each other and power them on! We have also included the power supplies, PoE injectors, and a solid mount for easier alignment. It is a metal adapter that lets you adjust the device vertically and horizontally.


Product code



ARM 64bit



CPU core count


CPU nominal frequency

1 GHz


261 x 166 mm

RouterOS license


Operating System


Size of RAM

256 MB

Storage size

16 MB

Storage type



Approximately 200'000 hours at 25C

Tested ambient temperature

-30°C to 70°C


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