If you need to connect packets and traditional networks, the SMG-3016 hybrid platform can help you. It can send SS7 and DSS1 (Q.931) signaling over packet networks using M2UA and IUA protocols from the SIGTRAN stack. It can also control media channels using H.248/MEGACO or MGCP protocols.

The SMG-3016-SIGTRAN is a reliable and standard-compliant platform that you can use to build large telephone nodes.

Some of the main features are:

Up to 16 E1 streams (RJ-48) for signaling

Up to 496 VoIP channels for media

SIGTRAN support (M2UA, IUA) for packet networks

MEGACO, MGCP support for media control

SORM functions support lawful interception

Carrier-grade reliability with load balancing, redundant power supplies, and parallel computing

Two HDD SATA 2.5″ support for data storage

1U scalable platform that can grow with your needs

The SMG-3016-SIGTRAN is compatible with other vendors’ MGC/SSW. It follows RFC recommendations and ITU-T standards for signaling protocols.

The SMG-3016-SIGTRAN can also transcode media streams with different codecs using hardware transcoding for better performance.

Voice standards

VAD (Voice Activity Detector)
CNG (comfort noise generation)
AEC (Echo Cancellation, G.168 recommendation)

Voice codecs

G.711 (a-law, µ-law)
G.726 (32 Kbps)

Fax support

T.38 Real Time Fax
G.711 (a-law, µ-law) pass-through


RFC 2833


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