TAU-8N.IP is a VoIP gateway that lets you provide VoIP services to your business customers who have analog phones.

TAU-8N.IP has many features, such as:

PBX functionality


Subscriber Line Measurement

High sound quality

Fax transmission You can use TAU-8N.IP as a standalone mini-PBX for your office with internal switching and basic VAS, or as a device that works with an IP PBX.

TAU-8N.IP ensures high sound quality with a powerful hardware platform based on a new chip, echo cancellation (Simple, Speex, and WebRTC), silence detector, comfort noise generator, DTMF signals, VoIP audio codecs (G.711 (a-law, µ-law), G.723.1, G.729 (A/B)), and traffic prioritization from TAU-8N.IP on data networks. Fax transmission uses G.711 pass-through audio codec and T.38 protocol.

Common parameters

Operating system – Linux


10/100BASE-T Ethernet ports – 1
Port MGMT 10/100BASE-T – 1
FXS RJ-11 ports – 8
Port USB 2.0 – 1


VoIP protocols – SIP
Fax transmission – T.38, G.711 pass-through
Connection types – Static, DHCP, PPPoE, L2TP

Functional VoIP

Internal connection switching
Operation without the SIP server
Flexible dial plan for FXS ports and SIP profiles
Profiles dialplan
DHCP Option 120 support
Apply settings without reboot
Ability to pass the # character as


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