Key Features: Phone system functions High-quality sound Overcurrent and overvoltage protection Subscriber line parameter measurement Long line distance – 6 km TAU series multiport subscriber VoIP-gateways enable voice and fax communication over IP networks. They provide high-quality phone service with a standalone office phone system and various value-added services. High-quality sound The gateways have a powerful hardware platform, and support all major VoIP audio codecs (G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729), echo cancellation, silence detection, comfort noise generation, DTMF signal reception and generation, and traffic prioritization (QoS) mechanisms to ensure clear voice communication. Reliability The gateways automatically switch to a backup SIP server if the main one is disconnected and monitor its status. If both IP phone servers are down, the gateway subscribers can still talk locally. Ease of use The gateways have an intuitive multilingual management interface and support group automated management based on TR-069 and DHCP (DHCP-auto provisioning) protocols for easy operation of an unlimited number of TAU gateways on the network. Eltex.EMS control system For large-scale gateway deployment on a network, Eltex offers a unified monitoring and control system Eltex.EMS. The system enables centralized management of a group of gateways with port monitoring through a single web interface.


16 analog FXS ports
2 ports 10/100/1000Base-T (RJ-45)
1 port 1000Base-X (SFP)
Connector type TELCO-50

VoIP protocols


Voice codecs

G.729 (A, B)
G.711 (a-law, μ-law)
G.723.1 (6.3/5.3 kbps)
G.726 (32 kbps)

Fax support

T.38 UDP Real-Time Fax
G.711 (a-law, µ-law) pass-through


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