Key features Versatile solution for different applications Advanced command line interface for management Flexible services configuration Compatible with leading manufacturers’ equipment Hardware acceleration of data processing Advanced reliability with critical nodes redundancy Functional area The ESR routers family is a universal hardware platform that can handle various network security tasks. The lineup has models for networks of different sizes – from small businesses to carriers and data centers.

Performance The ESR-100 has hardware acceleration means which boosts data processing performance. Hardware and software processing is distributed among the device units.

Some typical tasks that service routers can do are:

providing NAT, Firewall services routing setting up secure network tunnels to connect different offices (IPsec VPN) setting up remote access to local resources on enterprise networks L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN filtering network data by various criteria


4xCombo 10/100/1000BASE-T/ 1000BASE-X SFP (LAN/WAN)
1xConsole (RJ-45)
1xUSB 2.0
1xUSB 3.0


Firewall/NAT/routing (1518B frames) – 1.4 Gbps, 115 kpps
IPsec VPN (1456B frames) – 0.56 Gbps, 48 kpps
IPS/IDS 10k rules – 46 Mbps, 11.3 kpps

System features

VPN tunnels – 250
Static routes – 11k
Concurrent sessions – 256k
VLAN support – up to 4k VLANs in accordance with 802.1Q
BGP routes – 1,5M
OSPF routes – 300k
RIP routes – 10k
MAC address table – 2k entries per bridge
FIB size – 1.5M
VRF Lite – 32

Plug-in interfaces

E1 TopGate SFP


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