Service routers perform typical tasks such as Data routing Securing network perimeter (Firewall) Preventing and monitoring network attacks (IPS/IDS) Monitoring service quality (SLA) Filtering network data by various criteria (including filtering by applications) Creating secure network tunnels between different offices of a company Connecting remote staff members to office Managing and distributing Internet channel width within an office by using QoS Creating redundant connection (using wires or 3G/LTE modem) Terminating and limiting user bandwidth – BRAS (IPoE) ESR-10 service routers are ideal for connecting small and middle-sized offices in enterprise networks. They provide firewall and router functionality to secure different types of Internet connections.

Key features

Solution for small and middle-sized offices Flexible service configuration Compatibility with the equipment of leading manufacturers FXS ports for phone connection FXO port for connection redundancy Firewall and router functionality


4×10/100/1000BASE-T (LAN/WAN)
2×10/100/1000BASE-X SFP (LAN/WAN)
1xConsole (RJ-45)
2xUSB 2.0


Firewall/NAT/routing (1518B frames) – 1.1 Gbps, 91 kpps
IPsec VPN (1456B frames) – 0.14 Gbps,12 kpps
IPS/IDS 10k rules – 30.19 Mbps,7.16 kpps

System features

VPN tunnels – 10
Static routes – 1k
Concurrent sessions – 4k
VLAN support – up to 4k VLANs in accordance with 802.1Q
BGP routes – 800k
OSPF routes – 300k
RIP routes – 10k
MAC address table – 2k entries per bridge
FIB size – 800k
VRF Lite – 32

Plug-in interfaces

E1 TopGate SFP


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