To use this phone, it needs to be assigned to a user with a unique, directly assigned UniFi Talk phone number and an Internet connection. Once assigned, it can share numbers with groups. For configurations where users only share numbers with a group and do not have a personal number, the Phone Touch Max (Unlocked) is recommended.

This Phone Touch Max offers various call functions, including conference, warm/cold transfer, mute, hold, forward, call waiting, voicemail, and internal video calls. It can be used in the handset, hands-free speakerphone mode, and Bluetooth headsets. The phone also supports UniFi Protect, with on-screen camera streaming and Multi-View grid, and remote door unlocking with UniFi Identity. It is powered by PoE+ and connects to an UniFi OS Console via Ethernet or WiFi, making it a convenient and versatile option for all your communication needs.


255 x 135 x 183 mm (10 x 5.3 x 7.2")


1.52 kg (3.35 lb)

Enclosure materials

Plastic, aluminum (base)



Display size

178 mm (7") diagonal

Screen technology

GFF multi-touch

Camera sensor

5 MP


2592 x 1944

Handset dynamic receiver

16 ohm
SPL 116 dB @1KHz, 30mW, 0m

Handset microphone

Omnidirectional electret microphone
SNR 70 dB
Sensitivity -38 ± 3 dB


Standalone Hi-Fi audio codec IC
Smart speaker amplifier

Hands-free speaker

4 ohm/PNOM 3W, Pmax 5W
SPL 79dB @1W, 0.5m

Hands-free microphone

Dual omnidirectional MEMS microphones
SNR 64 dB
Sensitivity -26 dBFS
Digital microphone


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