The NetBox is an outdoor wireless device that works with two chains and has RP-SMA connectors for external antennas. It also has a cable hood to keep out moisture. It supports the latest 802.11a/n/ac standard for faster wireless speed (up to 866Mbps, with 20/40/80MHz channels).

You can easily open the case with one hand and access the Ethernet and Grounding ports on the bottom, which are covered by a protective door.

The package includes a loop for mounting on a tower or pole, as well as a separate DIN rail mount. You also get a PoE injector and a power supply unit.

Our new products are compatible with older ones- for example, you can upgrade your old 5GHz 802.11an Access Point to a new 802.11ac one and your existing customers will still be able to connect to it.

– RB911G-5HPacD-NB-US (USA) is locked to 5170-5250MHz and 5725-5835MHz frequencies by default. You cannot unlock it.

– RB911G-5HPacD-NB (International) covers the 5150MHz-5875MHz range (Country regulations may limit the specific frequency range).


Product code






CPU core count


CPU nominal frequency

720 MHz

RouterOS license


Operating System


Size of RAM

128 MB

Storage size

128 MB

Storage type



Approximately 200'000 hours at 25C

Tested ambient temperature

-40°C to 70°C


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