Key Benefits

Compatible with headset and expansion console

Color LCD

1Gbit Ethernet ports

HD Voice

Automatic provisioning VP-20 is a modern IP phone with an integrated switch that lets you connect a PC and an IP phone with one line. It supports all major VoIP audio codecs (G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729) and ensures clear voice quality with echo cancellation, silence detection, DTMF signals, and traffic prioritization (QoS). VP-20 and VP-20P are ideal for organizations that need reliable, high-quality, and easy-to-use voice communication. VP-20 has a user-friendly key layout, menus, and web interface with multiple languages for easy use in corporate phone networks. It uses VoIP technology based on the SIP protocol and meets the high standards of audio quality, reliability, and ease of use. TA VP-20P has advanced features, high-quality materials, and a versatile design. This device has two ports: one for connecting a cable to an IP network socket, and another for connecting a PC to the same network with another cable. It also supports PoE technology and allows up to 6 VP-EXT22 expansion consoles with 22 extra programmable keys each to be connected.

Phone features

Displaying the number and name of the caller (CallerID)
Muting the microphone (Mute)
Redialing a Number (Redial)
Ability to set different ringtones for accounts
Possibility to upload your own ringtones
Call History
Local Phonebook
Handsfree support
Viewing Voicemail Meters
Unheard Voice Message Indication (MWI)
Remote Phonebook
Monitored Subscriber Status Display (BLF)

Main technical characteristics

DDR3 512MB
NAND Flash 512 MB
OS Linux

Voice codecs

G.711 a-law, µ-law

Screen, indicators and keys

4.3" (109 mm) 800×480 color display with backlight
Two interface languages ​​to choose from (Russian and English)
Function keys with LED indicator: message, headset switch, microphone mute, speakerphone
Function keys without indicator: conference, call hold, call transfer, redial, combined volume keys
10 programmable keys


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