If you want to boost your home network with the Generation 6 wireless technology, you need the new hAP ax². It’s the ultimate home access point for 99% of homes. It has everything you need and more!

The wireless signal is now better than ever. The product has a powerful dual-band, dual-chain 4-4.5 dBi radio that supports the 802.11ax standard with Wave2. This means up to 40% faster speed in the 5 GHz and up to 90% faster speed in the 2.4 GHz band compared to the previous generation!

Why do you need faster wireless speeds? Because you can do more things that were impossible or hard before. For example, you can work with large media files over the wireless network – without wasting time on downloading and uploading. With hAP ax², you can save time for what matters most!

The hAP ax² also has a modern quad-core CPU running at 864 MHz and a GB of RAM that can handle heavy tasks like complex firewall rules, IPsec hardware encryption, using more threads or trying out the most advanced RouterOS features. And with WPA3 advanced encryption support, you are more secure than ever.

The hAP ax² is easy to install and use. You can mount it vertically, horizontally, or on the wall – without losing the signal strength.

Don’t get overwhelmed by too many products and features. The simple truth is: hAP ax² is the best choice for most homes.

Product code



ARM 64bit



CPU core count


CPU nominal frequency

864 MHz

Switch chip model


RouterOS license


Operating System

RouterOS (v7 only)

Size of RAM

1 GB

Storage size

128 MB

Storage type



Approximately 100'000 hours at 25C

Tested ambient temperature

-40°C to 50°C

IPsec hardware acceleration



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