Key features


Up to 96 Gbps of bandwidth L2+ switch Front-to-Back cooling Stackable up to 8 devices Hot-swappable redundant power supplies Duplicate cooling system Short description MES3308F is an Ethernet aggregation switch for service provider networks. It can be used as an aggregation or transport switch. It has universal interfaces that can run at 10Gbps or 1Gbps speeds with high performance.


4 х 1000BASE-X/100BASE-FX (SFP)
4 х 10/100/1000BASE-T/ 1000BASE-X/100BASE-FX Combo
4 х 10GBASE-R (SFP+)/1000BASE-X (SFP)
1 х 10/100/1000BASE-T (OOB)
Console port RS-232/RJ-45


Bandwidth – 96 Gbps
Throughput for 64 bytes – 71 MPPS
Buffer memory – 12 Mb
RAM (DDR3) – 512 MB
VLAN table – 4K
MAC table – 16K
Quality of Service (QoS) – Traffic prioritization, 8 egress queues per port
For traffic processing: 3K х 24B
For routing: 13K
L2 Multicast groups – 4K
ARP table – 4K (for each host in the ARP table, an entry is created in the routing table)
Link Aggregation Groups (LAG) – 16, up to 8 ports per LAG
Maximum size of ECMP groups – 8
Jumbo frames size – 10240 bytes
Stacking – 8 devices

Interfaces functions

Head-of-line blocking (HOL) protection
Back Pressure
Jumbo Frames
Flow control (IEEE 802.3X)
Port Mirroring

MAC table functions

Independent learning mode per VLAN
MAC Multicast Support
Configurable aging time of MAC addresses
Static MAC Entries
MAC Flapping logging


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