If you need to expand the storage space on a QNAP Enterprise ZFS NAS, you can connect multiple EJ1600 v2 expansion enclosures with high-speed mini SAS cables. The EJ1600 v2 has a 12 Gbps SAS interface on the chassis which allows fast data transfer from 12 Gbps SAS-enabled Enterprise ZFS NAS. This is ideal for applications that need high-performance connectivity, such as virtualization, large data archiving, video surveillance, and TV broadcast storage. The EJ1600 v2 also supports dual path mini-SAS design to keep the system running even if one external JBOD cable fails.

Dual path (Dual Channel) for fault tolerance and non-stop operations Missing Mode protection High density, high efficiency and high scalability Easy management with the QES Storage Manager Perfect backup storage for the dual-controller Enterprise ZFS NAS

Form Factor

3U rackmount

Host Interface

Three SAS (one input, one output, one reserved) 12Gbps for each controller, 4x port

LED Indicators

System Power LED (Green): on/off
System Status (Green/ Orange): in operation, system errors, low power, degraded RAID mode, memory failure, fan/power supply failure, system/disk temperature too high, storage pool reaching threshold value, system performing take-over, power supply unit unplugged
LCD Status Display (Two-digit number): Status of JBOD connection


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