We wanted to test the full potential of the reliable and proven 10G networking with a modern CPU. CCR2116-12G-4S+ lets you forget about CPU limitations in your setup. Like its smaller sibling – the amazing CCR2004, this router has the powerful Amazon Annapurna Labs Alpine CPU. But with 16 cores running at 2 GHz, this CCR outperforms the other one easily. For example, we see at least a 15% increase in single-core performance. And that is the most important factor for heavy operations based on per-connection processing. Like queues, for instance. CCR2116-12G-4S+ sets a new standard of single-core performance in the whole CCR product family! And it supports Layer 3 Hardware Offloading! Of course, you need the right connectivity to use this power. There are four 10G SFP+ ports. They have a separate, full-duplex line connected to the Marvell Aldrin family switch chip. Then we have Gigabit Ethernet ports. 12 of them are running through the Marvel chip. And there is another Gigabit port connected directly to the CPU. For management purposes. Each group of 4 ports has a separate full-duplex connection to the switch chip. No bottlenecks here. You can expect switch-like throughput in most setups. The new generation of processors offers amazing performance. If we compare it to the CCR1036 – the powerhouse with a 36-core CPU, the new CCR2116 can easily double the performance. 16 cores vs 36 cores. Double the performance. Or even more. If you are a rather large ISP, dealing with dynamic routing, huge BGPs, complex firewall rules, and intricate quality of service configurations…This is the right device for you. Combination of raw power and utility with reliable 10G networking. And yes, like with any ISP-level device, we’ve included a dual-redundant power supply. So you have one less thing to worry about. CCR2116-12G-4S+: technology trusted by time, built for the future.

Product code



ARM 64bit



CPU core count


CPU nominal frequency

2000 MHz

Switch chip model



443 x 199 x 44 mm

RouterOS license


Operating System

RouterOS (v7 only)

Size of RAM

16 GB

Storage size

128 MB

Storage type



Approximately 200'000 hours at 25C

Tested ambient temperature

-20°C to 60°C

IPsec hardware acceleration



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