Like other CCR2004 models, this CCR also has the Annapurna Labs Alpine v2 CPU with 4x 64-bit ARMv8-A Cortex-A57 cores running at 1,7GHz. But here’s what sets it apart. This powerful router beats all previous CCR models in single-core performance, and that is the most important factor for heavy operations based on per-connection processing. Like queues, for example. But that’s not all! It also has the best single-core performance per watt and best overall performance per watt among all the CCR devices. Better for the environment, better for the bills, it’s a win-win

The new router has 18 wired ports, including 16x Gigabit Ethernet ports and two 10G SFP+ cages. It also has a full-size USB and RJ-45 console port on the front panel. Like all CCR devices, it comes in a classic white 1U rackmount case. Built-in dual redundant power supplies are included, so you don’t have to worry about that. And, of course, there is active cooling to keep things nice and cool. Each group of 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports is connected to a separate Marvell Amethyst family switch chip. Each switch chip has a 10 Gbps full-duplex line connected to the CPU. The same goes for each SFP+ cage – a separate 10 Gbps full-duplex line. Boards come with 4GB of DDR4 RAM and 128MB of NAND storage.

So you can see – no bottlenecks. As long as the CPU can handle the processing, all ports can achieve wire speed. And this CPU is a beast that can handle a lot. If we look at the performance, we can see that it is comparable to our CCR1009. Even exceeding it in CPU-heavy configurations! And if that wasn’t enough – it can even match the performance of CCR1016.

The best part? This brand-new CCR is among the most cost-effective options out there – not only within the CCR series but on the market in general. One of the most common ways to use this device would be Gigabit Ethernet ports for the internal network; SFP+ ports for downlink and uplink. The perfect all-in-

Product code



ARM 64bit



CPU core count


CPU nominal frequency

1700 MHz

Switch chip model



443 x 210 x 44 mm

RouterOS license


Operating System

RouterOS (v7 only)

Size of RAM

4 GB

Storage size

128 MB

Storage type



Approximately 200'000 hours at 25C

Tested ambient temperature

-20°C to 60°C

IPsec hardware acceleration



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